Solicitor play an important role in the process of buying a property.

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Legal process

Before we can fully enjoy our new property, we must use the services of a Solicitor who will make a number of checks on documents and legal regulations.

In Poland, this function is performed by a notary, whose service is limited to the provision of property deeds and legalization of transactions. In England, legal process of buying your home go far beyond this type of framework.. 

Many people ask themselves, when do we really need to have our solicitors details in place? 

Well, this choice can be left until we find the house we are interested. After price is agreed we will be asked to provide details of our solicitors to the acting estate agent.

Your estate agency will issue a document called Memorandum Of the Sale.

This document confirms all the parties involved in the transaction and the purchase At this point, we should return initial documents provided by the solicitor.

After receiving the Memorandum of the Sale, solicitor is ready to accept the Draft Contract from the solicitors acting on behalf of the vendor:

Contract pack may include:
gas safety certificates
any planning permissions and building regulation certificates if any work was carried out at the property.
Fixtures and Fittings form
Property Information Questionair – PIQ

Solicitor will apply for the so-called Searches. They will include, among others:

Local authority search – plany zagospodarowania przestrzennego oraz mapki obszaru w obrębie naszego domu z wyszczególnieniem okolicznych dróg, odległości od metra czy stacji kolejowych itp.
Drainage and Water search – informacje na temat dostępu do wody oraz kanalizacji
Environmental search – informacje o zanieczyszczeniu obszaru oraz potencjalnych zagrożeniach.

Oraz inne w zależności od transakcji.

Additional enquires may be raised if any information is missing or has not been fully addressed.

When the solicitor completes his checks and receives answers to all enquires, he is ready to report to the lender and subsequently steer transaction towards exchange of contract.

At this point, we should be sent a final statement, which will detail all fees including tax, deposit, and legal expenses. It is worth mentioning, that large sums of money should be transferred via CHAPS transfer which is quicker and more secured that standard bank transfer.

The last stage is to exchange the contract and set completion date

Exchange of contract – this is the moment of exchange of contacts between lawyers. After confirming the exchange of contracts, we are already the owners of the property, at least in the light of the law, although we will have to wait for the keys and full rights to the property until the completion moment, which will be determined at the time of exchange.

It is usually 7 days away, because it takes about that time to send the entire amount of our loan to the owner’s solicitor.

At the time of receipt of the entire purchase amount (deposit plus mortgage), the owner’s lawyer allows the keys to be issued. Then we can go to the estate agency for a well-deserved collection of keys.